Royal Trust Bank is one of the three major Canadian banks. They are all good although I wouldn’t put two cents into a Canadian (home office) bank if privacy was any concern. Foreign subsidiaries or branches are subject to local privacy regulations and thus offshore branches are reasonably secure. Still, I wouldn’t use Royal Trust if I was a Canadian for reasons explained several times. For non-Canadian English speakers, they are a top choice. Royal Trust has locally established subsidiary banks in London, Zurich, Geneva, Barbados, Jersey, Isle of Man, Cayman, Singapore, Hong Kong, and a representative office in Tokyo. The home office stands behind them as to safety of your principal.
Following are some of the biggest and best banks of the world. Most have branches abroad in every banking center. Recommended as indicated.
Andorra – only has a few banks, see our The Andorra and Gibraltar Report for the full story. ABN (Algemeinliche Bank Nederlands). Use branches in Curacao or BonAire, Netherlands Antilles. Banco di Roma. Use branch in Monaco.
Bank of Bermuda (Bermuda or Guernsey, Cl) Bermuda has only three locally-owned banks, к all are good. Try also Butterfield’s Bank in Bermuda, щ Bank National de Paris. (Use non French branches).

Barclays Bank. Big British bank, branches all over.
Edmond de Rothschild Bank. Good for Monaco.
Credit Suisse. Major Swiss bank. We donyt like them.
Coutts & Company (Zurich or London). Classy bank used by Queen Elizabeth and other British aristocrats.
Grindlay’s Bank (Jersey). Owned by ANZ (Australia and New Zealand) parent.
Hong Kong Shanghai Bank (owns British Bank of the Middle East).
International Westminster Bank (called Natwest in UK).
Jyske Bank. Copenhagen & Gibraltar.
Julius Baer Bank (Main Office Zurich), with branch in London. Has excellent record at handling investments.
Liechtenstein. Only three banks. All good. Bank in Liechtenstein, Liechtenstein Landes Bank, Private Trust Bank.
Lloyds Bank. British major player with branches all over the world.
Sarasin, Switzerland. Excellent investment performance in recent years.
Scandinaviska Bank. Use only branches outside Sweden.
Swiss Bank Corporation. Use branches outside Switzerland. Generally impersonal and uncaring.
Union Bank of Switzerland. Big Swiss bank. Use branch in Cayman Islands. Generally impersonal and uncaring.
Vofitoble Bank. Zurich, Switzerland. Good investment management.
Westpac. Australian. Use branches only outside of home country.
We prefer not to make too many specific recommendations for fear that our recommendations may call attention of regulators to these banks and cause them to tighten up. Incidentally, we do not do business with any bank recommended here; we get no commissions nor kickbacks. We strongly suggest that you get hold of a directory of international banks (like the one published by Polk in the US) at any public library. Then simply write off to the banks in places you’d like to bank in and see what they say. If you live in Big Brother land, get a mail-drop and use a pen-name for such correspondence. Best to open any account in person, and only with cash. Never open any account with a personal check or transfer from a bank in your home country if you want secrecy.
If you would like a personal introduction to a Swiss Banker please write to Scope International. No-one with a hint of any criminal connection or source of funds will be accepted, but if you are honest and honorable, this recommendation could be what you need.